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We inspect buildings for buyers all over michigan and northern ohio. We inspected: 13939 Livernois, Detroit, MI, 220 Bagley, Detroit, MI 48226, 13900 Wyoming St, Detroit, MI 48238

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 detroit commercial facade inspections Welcome, we are a Detroit based full service property condition assessment and inspection company. We perform facade inspections as well as full building inspections to the ASTM E2018 Baseline Due Dilligence Property Condition Assessments (PCA) standards on residential, commercial and industrial properties all over Michigan.

We have grown over the past 14 years completing thousands of inspections on homes, commercial, industrial buildings, apartment buildings, strip malls, churches, parking lots, and City of Detroit facade inspections. We also do environmental testing such as radon, mold and lead, Phase 1 environmental site assessments for commercial mortgage lenders on large pieces of property.

For a price quote on a Detroit area commercial building, or facade inspection, contact Matt Fletcher at 313-510-0284. To give an accurate bid on an inspection we will need the address and square footage of the property, access to roof, and type of heating system. Our inspectors are: FHA approved housing inspectors, licensed builders, structural engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers and professional engineers (PE).

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment. 313-510-0284 or

Detroit michigan ASHI NAHI home inspectors Detroit facade inspections done to astm standard E2270-05 and Detroit property condition assessments to ASTM Standard E2018-08. Commercial inspections in Detroit Michigan include: Roofs, structure, parking lots, doors and windows, facade inspection, heating and cooling systems.
facade of 5 story building in Detroit Our services include inspections for:
Acquisitions of commercial properties in the metro Detroit area.
Due diligence Property condition assessments (PCA's) for local Detroit banks, out of state and out of country lenders.
Capital improvement confirmation for lending institutions.
Construction draw inspections
Loan servicing
Loan origination
Portfolio reviews
Triple net leases

Our PCA & Inspection Reports include costs for deferred maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment nearing the end of its expected useful life. ASTM E2018 Due Diligence Property Condition Assessment Reports (PCAR) will include a capital budget for the following five years. We can use your report form or ours.

Detroit building facade inspection

 detroit commercial facade inspections Matt Fletcher holds AA, BA and MA degrees and is a former high school construction science teacher and began doing inspections on weekends and during summer break. The business grew enough that Matt began inspecting full time. Matt is a: Licensed builder, licensed construction trades teacher, NAHI and ASHI certified inspector, FHA approved housing inspector, has dozens of certiticates for continuing education in construction science, has completed thousands of residential and commercial inspections over the past 14 years. Matt's father was a contractor and grew up doing construction work. He has been involved in construction, renovation, and construction education in the Detroit area for over 30 years.

At left, Matt is inspecting a heavily damaged century old Detroit building to determine if it is a tear down or a candidate for renovation.
detroit facade ordinance Detroit michigan ASHI NAHI home inspectors Detroit facade inspections done to astm standard E2270-05 and Detroit property condition assessments to ASTM Standard E2018-08
 joe vaglica.jpg detroit property condition assessments Joe Vaglica is an active Engineer and construction educator. Joe is a Michigan licensed Civil Engineer, Professional Engineer (PE) and holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Civil Engineering from Wayne State University. Joe spends most of his time inspecting buildings, designing buildings, solving construction and civil engineering related problems. He also teaches Construction Management and Civil Technology at Wayne State and Macomb Community College.
Detroit facade inspections 12345 astm standard E2270-05 and Detroit property condition assessments to ASTM Standard E2018-08 In the photo at left Joe is timing water flow rate for a student lab experiemnt during a soil permeability test per ASTM standards. Teaching students in the construction sciences gives Joe a better understanding of buildings and the problems they develop.

PUT TEXT HERE FOR PIC Joe Vaglica and Matt Fletcher are both experienced inspectors and construction educators. At left, Matt and Joe are giving a presentation for high school students on ASTM soil analysis at Macomb Community College. Combined, Joe and Matt have over 30 years of inspection experience.

Classroom education is fantastic but there are things that can only be learned in the field. It is the combination of formal education and field experience that make a great inspector.

Detroit commercial building Inspectors

DETROIT PHASE ONE ENVIRONMENTAL SITE INSPECTION No building's condition is too poor or too old for us to inspect for potential buyers or rehabbers. We specialize in old masonry buildings and understand the issues they have. We can inspect the facade only, or do a complete inspection based on ASTM standards and protocals. We can send out one inspector for a partial inspection. Or a team of inspectors including: Matt Fletcher and lead inspector, a structural engineer, commercial electrician and heating expert depending on what type of heating system your building has. Inspections can range from several hours to several days and cost from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on what the client wants.

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